RECRUITMENT 2020/2021-

New procedures for processing References

Theta Recruitment is going paperless!  Well......almost.  Although the Dallas Alumnae Chapter still has a Recruitment Reference Board Chairman, currently Maureen Reynolds, and because the chapters prefer reference writers to complete their references online, we no longer have a Board of Thetas to process references and mail them to the schools. 

 You can still hand write a reference, but please note the following important changes:

Due to the current virus situation this Spring of 2020, all Theta college chapters are closed and the mail may not be collected.  Online submissions may help ensure the chapter will receive the reference.

  1. All Theta college chapters prefer references to be submitted online. 
  2. Support Letters are not needed.  Due to the volume of references received, all Theta college chapters are unable to utilize support letters, so do not include any with your reference. 
  3. If you choose to hand write a reference you will be responsible for mailing your completed reference and all supporting documents to the applicable college chapter.
  4. If you do not know the Potential New Member (PNM) personally, your Reference will not help her.
  5. Suggested DEADLINES for Submission:  June 1st for Fall Recruitment and October 1st for Spring Recruitment, especially if you are mailing handwritten References.  


**To submit an online reference or print out a reference form:

Please visit Theta’s website via the following link.  Scroll down to find each reference.  You will also find the Recruitment Information Report at the bottom of this page which lists dates of Recruitment and mailing addresses by each chapter's Greek name.


**When writing the Reference ONLINE:

Please ask the Potential New Member (PNM) to submit digital copies of her documents so you can upload them with the Reference Form.

When you submit an online Reference, please check the box that requests a copy of your reference to go to the Dallas RRBC.

Please make sure all information and attachments are correct BEFORE you hit “SEND”. 

You will not be able to change or add to your Reference once it is submitted.


**If you chose to hand write the Reference:

Once you complete it, you will need to mail it and all supporting documents to the college chapter. 

You may find the college chapter’s address using the link shown below.  Scroll down for all the schools or use the drop down menu for each state. 

Please include “Attention Chief Recruitment Officer” on your envelope to ensure it gets to the correct member.

 Please ask the Potential New Member (PNM) to submit TWO copies of her documents so you can keep one for your records.

All you need to submit with a hand written reference is the Potential New Member's (PNM) resume, transcript, test scores, and 1 or 2 pictures.  Most test scores can be found on the reverse side of the transcript. Please verify this is the case for your PNM. If not, she will need to provide her scores from the testing company.  Make sure her name is printed on the document she submits to you.  There may be fewer items required to upload when submitting an online reference.  Keep a copy of everything for yourself.


** To find the College Mailing addresses:

Please visit Theta’s website via the following link.  Scroll down to find them.


Questions?  Please contact Maureen Reynolds at