Believe it or not your Dallas Recruitment Reference Board (RRB) is already hard at work for the recruitment season. Who is the RRB and what exactly do they do you might ask. The Dallas RRB is made up of alumnae volunteers from different college chapters. Each member has a responsibility, some are College liaisons which work with the colleges on behalf of the Dallas Potential New Members (PNM), some are High School liaisons and help identify PNM's from the different high schools in Dallas. The Legacy chair keeps up with our legacies. Each college representative processes the actual references to make sure everything is in place and ready for the chapter.

The Dallas RRB has a “Reference Packet” for you to use when recommending a potential new member. There are two parts. Please download the PDFs below (you must be logged in to view them). The procedures will tell you all you need to know to make sure you have everything together and where to send it. We ask that everything with the exception of the photos be duplicated and turned in with the originals. If your reference packet is not complete you will be contacted to come get it and complete it.

Things to remember as we enter the spring and girls begin to ask you to help them with a Kappa Alpha Theta Reference:
  • Don't agree to write a reference if you cannot do so by May 1st
  • Don't agree to write a support letter if you cannot do so by April 15th-ish
  • Do follow the Dallas "Reference Packet” instructions and duplicate everything but photos.
  • Do focus on the four points of the kite: Intellectual Curiosity, Leadership Potential, Personal Excellence and Commitment to service.
  • Do mail or deliver the reference in duplicate form by May 1st to the Reference Board listed on the cover sheet of the Dallas Reference packet.
  • Do bring any legacies names to our attention as soon as possible!
  • Do ask questions if you are not sure what you are doing, that's one of the reason we have a Reference Board.
  • The Reference Board is in place to make sure each and every girl they have a reference on is presented to her school's chapter in the best light and with her papers all in order.
2018-2019 Reference Board

Anne Oden
5820 Norway Road
Dallas, TX 75230

College Liaisons:

Out of State: 
Legacy Chair:
Jenni Scoggins

*Send all completed reference packets to the Reference Board Chairman by May 1st.
*Any Reference Board Member can answer questions about their assigned college.
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