As of the 2010 Kappa Alpha Theta Grand Convention, references are no longer required to receive an invitation to membership. However, a reference is still valuable to a college chapter, as it allows them to get to know PNMs on a more personal level prior to recruitment. Theta strongly encourages members to submit the online Reference Form because it is faster and more secure than a hardcopy version. To recommend a Potential New Member(PNM) or Legacy online click here. To submit a Reference Form via mail, download the new Reference Form on the KAT website or click here. *.

Here are a few things to know when writing a Reference.

•  There is no advantage to submitting multiple references. One quality reference per PNM is preferred.

•  Focus on the Four points of the kite when writing a Reference.

•  Letters of Support are not required. However, one good letter of support can help the PNM if the Reference writer is not a personal acquaintance. Multiple letters should not be sent.

A Theta Legacy is defined as a daughter, granddaughter, great granddaughter or a sister of a KAT member. Stepdaughters,  step-granddaughters, stepsisters, et al are considered legacies if their family considers them as such and ask for that consideration on the Reference Form and Legacy Introduction.

• It is OKAY to write a reference for your daughter.

• The Dallas Recruitment Reference Board (RRBC) will receive a copy of Reference Forms submitted online if you check the RRBC Notify Box on the form. Select: Dallas – Anne Oden.

• Individual Chapters do not have deadlines for reference submissions, they are instructed to accept references through the preference round. It is advisable to send references sooner rather than later. However, if a Reference is NOT submitted online, a hard copy of the downloadable Reference should be submitted by May 1 to the Dallas Recruitment Board.

2019 Reference Chairman
Anne Oden
5820 Norway Road
Dallas, TX 75230

*Send all completed reference packets to the Reference Board Chairman by May 1st.

Step-by-Step directions to complete the Online Reference Form
The Online Reference Form can be found and completed on the Theta website on the MEMBERS tab, under the Reference Form & Legacy Introduction. Click on the box ‘Submit the Form’.

Members will be directed to login to the website. Since launching the new Theta Portal in January, all Theta members are required to set up a new login. Click on Claim Your Account to set up your login.

1. Complete the Online Form in its entirety.

2. ‘General Information’ section - confirm you have entered the PNM’s School Name to ensure the Reference will be sent to the correct Chapter.

3. ‘Your Information’ section - confirm your email is correct – you will receive a confirmation that includes a copy of your Reference via email. There is not an option to ‘print’ your recommendation from the website.

4. ‘Other’ section - upload the PNMs support documents, letter(if providing one) and picture. Only three items can be uploaded.
Ask the PNM to send you an electronic file of her resume, transcript and test scores (these can be combined into one file) and a digital file of her headshot. Many Panhellenic organizations are requiring online References so most PNMs should have these digital files.

5.  ‘Other’ section - SELECT a Recruitment Reference Board (RRBC) by checking the NOTIFY box next to PNMs hometown RRBC – The Dallas RRBC is Anne Oden.

6.  Remember to click on the SUBMIT box when you are finished.

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