Dallas Thetas at Tootsie's

If you are interested in joining the Kappa Alpha Theta Dallas Alumnae Chapter, please click the link below.  Annual dues are just $52.00 to experience all the benefits of one of the largest Kappa Alpha Theta Alumnae Chapters in the United States!

I'd Love to Join!  Pay your dues here!

Dallas Area Thetas at Central Market for a Cooking Lesson
Day Group

The Day Group meets at noon on the second Tuesday of the month in October, February and March for lunch with a speaker or activity. We do not meet in the summer months but in September we have a joint meeting with the Night Kites and DTYA and in April we have our annual Bingo luncheon. Day Group events as well as all Chapter group events are open to dues paying members of the Dallas Alumnae Chapter.

Day Group President & Contact: Maureen Croley
Night Kites at  Tootsie's 
Night Kites

The Night Kites meet the 2nd Tuesday of every other month in the evenings, excluding the summer.  They host fabulous events such as the annual Concert at the Arboretum each spring!

All events are open to dues paying Dallas Theta Alumnae, regardless of the group you join.

Night Kites President & Contact: 
Nona Sanders
Dallas Theta Young Alumnae

 DTYA stands for the Dallas Theta Young Alumnae. We are an interest group that belongs to the Kappa Alpha Theta Dallas Alumnae Chapter. We attend our social events and also have the opportunity to join the Dallas Alumnae Chapter in their meetings, fund raisers, and special events.

What We Do:

We are a group of Theta Alumnae, recent college graduates to 35 years old that meet about once a month. Joining this group is a great way to meet new Theta sisters from across the U.S. and stay involved in Theta post-graduation.

DTYA President & Contact:   Hilary Komlanc

Find us on Facebook: www.thefacebook.com/dtya/
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